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The keyword is the word that best matches the subject of
your website and the word most used to search for your
niche. It takes research to identify the right key words
for your site. Once we have researched your site. We will
give you the resulting keywords words that you will need

Heading Tags

The heading tag is the title that is displayed on the
page. Search engines will look for heading tags in the
content section of the web page source code that would
look something like this. <h1>my heading</h1>

Title Tags

Title tags and description tags are web page titles and
descriptions that are entered into the header sections of the web
pages source code. These are not displayed on your pages but are
in the background and read by the search engines.

Site Map

A site map is a small file that contains information
about your website, such as the number of pages and other
information important to the search engines. Once a site map is created it is uploaded to the root
folder of your website files for search engines to see when they are looking for the right websites to display.


Schema mark up is code that is put on your website to
help the search engines return more informative results
for user. For example when you see companies details with
their opening hours and pictures etc pop up on the right
hand side of the Google page.

Keyword Density

Keyword density is the amount of times your keywords or
phrases are used in your page content. The optimum rate is between 1-4%.
We will check your site and report back to you your
results and what you need to do to improve them if


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